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4 Tips For Renting Your Vacation Home During The Off-Season


Renting your vacation rental home in the summer is a great way to turn profit on a home that you are not currently using. However, keep in mind that you can also rent out your vacation home during the off-season, which may be beneficial for you if you are not going to be using the home during this time. Here are four tips for renting your home during this time:

  1. Reduce the Price:  First off, you are not going to be able to rent the space for the same amount that you rent it out for in the summer. This is because there aren't going to be as many people looking for vacation homes during this time and the few that are aren't going to want to pay the same amount that they would pay in the summer. Lowering the price is the best way to attract as many potential renters as possible. 
  2. Lower the Minimum Rental Period: When you rent out your vacation home during the summer, it's always best to have a minimum rental period that is at least seven days or longer. This way you are getting the most money possible off the property during this time. However, a week long minimum rental period doesn't work during the off-season when many people aren't looking to take longer vacations. Most of the time, people are just looking for a quick getaway, so lowering your minimum rental period to two or three nights is the best way to attract these renters. 
  3. Call Local Businesses: In order to attract even more potential renters during the off-season, call some local businesses to see if they will provide you with any coupons or discounts that your renters can use during their stay. This provides an extra incentive to choose your vacation home over another in the area. You can call places like the local movie theater, spa, restaurants, and more. Just don't forget to include this information in your advertising. 
  4. Take Cozy Pictures: During the summer time, you are going to want to advertise your vacation home as a space that is breezy and open. This gives vacationers the idea that the home is going to be the perfect place to get away from the heat. However, you don't want to use these same pictures for advertising during the off-season. Instead, add rugs, blankets, and multiple pillows on the furniture to give off the sense of warmth and comfort. You should also take pictures of the fire in the fireplace if your home has one. 

When you consider these four tips, getting vacationers to rent out your vacation home is going to be much easier during the off-season.


31 March 2016