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Four Features To Look For In Your Dream Luxury Home


Luxury homes offer upscale living at its finest, and finding the right luxury home means looking for the features that are meaningful to you. As you shop for your new dream home, look for some of these features to make your house an escape from the outside world.

Smart Technology

The home of the future is here with smart technology. Luxury homes today are built with high tech features which can be controlled by your mobile device. Smart technology lets you turn on lights, lock doors, adjust the thermostat and even turn on the fireplace, all at the touch of a button. While having mobile access to your home's many features isn't necessary, it does offer luxurious convenience that makes it easy to control the environment in your home.

Spa Bathrooms

Spa bathrooms take the concept of the master bath to the next level. These bathrooms feature waterfall shower heads, steam showers, towel warmers and in-floor bathtubs. All these features combine to create the feeling of a luxury spa in your own home. Some bathrooms have more elaborate upgrades, such as water jet bathtubs with integrated televisions for long, relaxing baths. As you tour new homes for sale, take note of the different features in each bathroom to see if you are getting all the convenience of a spa bathroom.

Wine Cellars And Tasting Rooms

For people who are serious about wine, having a wine cellar and tasting room is a wonderful option. Some homes feature separate tasting rooms with attached wine cellars, and others have tasting rooms built into the wine storage area. The wine storage should be climate-controlled with ample lighting, and the tasting area should have room for a dining room-style table or a pub-height table where you can entertain guests.

Outdoor Living Space

The exterior of your luxury home should be just as beautiful as the interior, so look for a new home with immaculate outdoor living space. This might include an outdoor kitchen, or it could be as simple as a built-in fire pit with room for patio tables and chairs. You may also find homes with both of these features along with an in-ground swimming pool. Many of these outdoor spaces come with pools that feature beautiful landscaping, waterfalls and natural shapes to create the look of a pond next to the outdoor kitchen.

Luxury homes offer more than cathedral ceilings, winding staircases and marble floors. Today's luxury homes feature the latest technology and surprising spaces for entertaining and relaxing. Work with your real estate agent to find a luxury home with all the upscale bells and whistles you long for so you can own the home of your dreams.


27 July 2016