helping you through the house-selling process

Selling real estate can be just as much work as buying. There are so many things to worry about as you prepare your home to list on the market. Then you have to worry about the real estate agent you will hire to help you get the house sold. After that, you have to worry about who will be coming in to tour your home throughout the week. Will you hold an open house? Do you take the first reasonable offer you are presented with? Our blog was designed to assist you through the selling process a little bit easier.

Don't Turn Off Potential Buyers With These Rookie Home-Selling Mistakes


If you are like a lot of homeowners who decide to sell their home, you might first attempt to sell your house on your own without the help of a real estate company or agent. There are many good reasons why it is a much better idea to trust a real estate agent when it comes to selling your home, but one of the biggest is the fact that certain mistakes are turn-offs for buyers. If you plan to sell your home on your own, make sure you don't make these rookie mistakes. 

Asking too much for your home. 

Slapping on a price tag because it is what you think your home is worth is a huge mistake. Your home may be valuable to you for personal reasons, the amount of time and effort you have put into it, or even how much you still owe or paid for it initially. However, if your price is not on par with the value of the rest of the homes in your neighborhood, you will just send buyers in the opposite direction. Before setting a price on your home, you should have it appraised professionally or consult with a real estate company for advice.  

Not putting enough time into marketing. 

The hardest part about selling a home is getting the word out to the right eyes in the home market. You cannot simply put up a sign and expect the buyers to come to you. You need to step out and make it known that your home is for sale. Post signs, advertise in local media like newspapers and magazines, make a profile online, and do anything else you can to spread the word. Listing with a real estate company makes marketing easy because they already have so many venues for advertising homes for sale, whether it is their own website or otherwise. 

Trying too hard to persuade a buyer. 

There is no doubt you will be excited about the idea of selling every time a prospective buyer contacts you or wants to stop by and see your home. However, one of the worst things you can do as a seller is be too persistent with your efforts to persuade a buyer. Buyers are bound to be turned off by overly zealous seller behavior. They may think you are a little too desperate to sell the house, which could give them the impression the home has unseen flaws or problems. 


21 September 2016