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Contractors To Develop A Relationship With When You Begin Work In Property Management


When you accept a position as property manager for a residential property, regardless of the number of units you're overseeing, you'll find that aligning yourself with the right team of professionals will save you countless headaches. It's a good idea to connect with people in the trades and other residential property managers to get some recommendations about ideal contractors and professionals on whom you'll be able to rely. This way, you can build a network of people who can help you by promptly dealing with any issues related to your property. This is preferable to having to start from scratch to find the right professionals each time there's an issue. Here are some contractors to develop this relationship with.


A locksmith will become a trusted ally in the weeks and months ahead. You'll turn to this professional for a variety of reasons — for example, to help residents who have locked themselves out of their units, to have exterior locks on the building repaired, and to change the locks in the residential units when someone has moved out. It's ideal to find a locksmith who can provide service around the clock; after all, lock problems and lockouts don't only occur during regular business hours.


Plumbing emergencies can be caused by issues with the building's plumbing infrastructure, such as a pipe that has split because of prolonged vibration, or as a result of a resident's negligence, such as flushing something large down the toilet and causing a clog. In either case, you'll need a plumber to arrive on the scene quickly. Developing a relationship with a specific plumber is ideal because you can consistently rely on this professional. Many plumbing problems need to be addressed right away, so a quick phone call to your contact instead of beginning to peruse the local plumbing listings online will get the problem fixed in a timely manner.


An electrician is another contractor who can join your trusted network of contractors. You'll rely on this professional for work inside and outside the individual residential units. Inside the units, an electrician can repair and replace lighting fixtures, wall outlets and switches, baseboard heaters, and other elements as needed. Outside the units, the electrician can fix lighting in the halls and handle other similar projects. It's ideal to partner with an electrician who has experience in large residential buildings rather than just in homes, as the scope of the projects outside the residential units can present a unique challenge.


22 December 2016