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Selling real estate can be just as much work as buying. There are so many things to worry about as you prepare your home to list on the market. Then you have to worry about the real estate agent you will hire to help you get the house sold. After that, you have to worry about who will be coming in to tour your home throughout the week. Will you hold an open house? Do you take the first reasonable offer you are presented with? Our blog was designed to assist you through the selling process a little bit easier.

Trying To Sell Your Home? 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid


If you're trying to sell your home, and you want to make it as painless as possible, you need to hire a real estate agent. It is possible to sell your home by yourself, but you'll be taking on more responsibility, and more headaches than you need to. Instead, minimize the work you need to put into it, and hire a real estate agent to handle the sell of your home. Once you hire your real estate agent, remember that the things you do will either help, or hinder, the process. Some things you can do to help the process include staging your home for quick sell, and improving the curb appeal. Now, here are some things you can do that will hinder the sell of your home. You should avoid these at all costs.

Refusing to Lower Your Asking Price

When you hire a real estate agent, you're hiring someone with professional experience selling homes. They understand the market, and how to get your home sold. They also understand effective pricing for the current market conditions. If you go into the process demanding a specific asking price, and refusing to budge on that, you're tying your agents hands. You might even be making it impossible for them to get your home sold. When setting an asking price for your home, be willing to listen to professional advice.

Insisting on Serious Offers Only

The last thing you want to do is fill your home with people who are just browsing, or who can't meet your asking price. However, if you insist on serious offers only, you may be doing yourself out of a prospective buyer who could turn into the right prospective buyer. Give your real estate agent the room they need to identify potential buyers. By giving them the room to bring buyers who wouldn't necessarily pass the "serious offer only" standard, they may actually bring you someone who will turn into the serious buyer.

Setting Time Limits for Tours

When it comes time for your agent to bring prospective buyers through your home, avoid setting specific time limits. Insisting that you be present during tours, could jeopardize your opportunity to sell your home. Many people don't feel comfortable touring homes while the owners are present, especially when they want to do a thorough inspection of the property. Give your agent the leeway to schedule tours when you aren't home, to accommodate those who prefer solitude. It's also important to note that allowing tours when you're not available will help meet the needs of prospective buyers who have tight schedules.

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7 September 2017