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Should You Move To The Beach?


Leaving the city for the beach is a culmination of a lot of negative influences of city life: Pollution (noise, air and even water), insecurity, traffic, and congestion, to mention just a few. It is touted as an escape where you wake up to the expanse of water lapping on the beach and seagulls on a daily basis.

But could the novelty be just a tad exaggerated? For some people, the noise from the seagulls and from the neighbor's boombox is one and the same thing: noise. Before you terminate your lease, quit your job and buy a surfboard, check out the below pros and cons of homes for sale at the beach:


It is Quiet

If you are tired of the noise of the city and are looking for a quiet, calmer pace of life then moving to the beach is for you. The mornings and evening can be especially peaceful as the visitors to the beach have left and the waters provide a serene environment.

Even when people throng the beach for the day, the noise is different from the din of the city. It is a happier noise.

Food is Fresh

Living by the beach gives you access to the freshest seafood. Everything is caught and prepared on a daily basis so you do not eat produce that has stayed the night and has a compromised taste.

You do not even have to go a restaurant to eat seafood. You can go out into the sea and make a fish catch that you can later prepare from the comfort of your home.

The pace is relaxed

Life in the city can be very hectic. It may take time for you to adjust to shops opening later and the generally sluggish pace of life at the coast but in the long run, it will do you good to slow down. You find yourself visibly less stressed, more productive, and even friendlier.


Sand Everywhere

If you are a stickler for an immaculate home prepare yourself for sand everywhere within the home. The soil does not discriminate: from the kitchen to the bathroom to your car and even your clothes, you will never escape sand as long as you live on the beach.

It is Always Breezy

The breeze is your friend and your enemy. It is chillier by the beach causing you to be extra careful with your health if you have any sensitivity.

While the sun is the reason why people live by the beach, it is not always sunny. The water can be treacherous especially during extreme weather like hurricanes and storms.

Throngs of People

People love the beach. So expect many people sunning themselves on a daily basis and even some pitching tents overnight to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. While you may have escaped the hustle and bustle of people on the streets, crowds are a constant at beaches and you can't escape them.

Despite the change of lifestyle, the standard of living does not have to be too different. However, before moving, find a job, identify essential services, and research the cost of living so that your way of life is not hampered in any way. Happy living!


2 November 2017