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First Time Relocating With The Military? Some Helpful Hints


When you join the military, you do not generally expect to relocate. Your battalion, squad, or infantry is in the area where you joined. Yet, if you climb in rank, you may find yourself relocating more and more often. A fair distribution of senior officers do. So, if this is the first time relocating for the military, congrats on your promotion, and here are some helpful hints to make the military relocation part a little less overwhelming and/or stressful.

You Move, and Leave the Spouse and Kids Behind

Many military families actually do this. The person serving relocates to the city and state, while the spouse and kids stay behind. It puts less stress on the kids and spouse, and it allows the kids to finish out each school year in a place they are familiar with. If you think that your relocation assignment may only be temporary, this is all the more reason to just relocate yourself for the time being.

It Is Easier and Less Expensive to Just Relocate Yourself (for Now)

You can hire a real estate agent who doubles as a military relocation specialist. If the only properties he/she can find near the base to which you are being relocated, that is all the more reason to move just yourself. It is often cheaper to move one person than to move an entire family.

For example, if the only properties the agent can find for you are one- or two-bedroom apartments that are exceedingly small and cramped, and those are bordering on the amount you can and cannot afford, you may have to do as ordered instead of trying to find something you cannot afford that will have more room for the spouse, kids, pets, etc. It also gives you more time to find something larger and more affordable when you just relocate yourself first.

Check Out Off-Base Military Housing

Some military bases offer subsidized housing off-base. Many of these properties are able to house your family in relative comfort. If you relocate and initially leave them behind, you have time to view what the base has available and the amounts of subsidies this program offers. Then, you can choose the right place for the whole family to join you when they have packed up and are ready to go. Ask your real estate/military relocation expert if the base to which you are relocating offers this type of housing to you.


21 March 2018