helping you through the house-selling process

Selling real estate can be just as much work as buying. There are so many things to worry about as you prepare your home to list on the market. Then you have to worry about the real estate agent you will hire to help you get the house sold. After that, you have to worry about who will be coming in to tour your home throughout the week. Will you hold an open house? Do you take the first reasonable offer you are presented with? Our blog was designed to assist you through the selling process a little bit easier.

Things To Do When You Are Ready To Shop For A New Home


If you have decided that you are ready to purchase a new home, you will want to make sure that you are first getting prepared for the process. Before you pick up the phone and call a real estate agent, you will want to read through the following:

Get Yourself Pre-Approved

Generally speaking, real estate agents want to know that you have been pre-approved for a home loan. After all, real estate agents only make money when they help sell a house. They work on commission, so they really cannot afford to show a lot of homes to well-meaning people that are not pre-approved for a mortgage. When you get pre-approved, you will not have to worry about finding an agent to show you homes. You will also have a clear understanding of how much money you are approved to spend. This way you will not be looking at a lot of homes that you would not be able to get the loan for.

Make A List Of Wants And Needs

Along with knowing just how big of a loan you qualify for, you will want to have a clear understanding of what you want or need out of your next home. For example, you will want to be clear about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Do you need a yard? Do you want to be able to have enough room to put on an addition in the future if you desire to do so? Do you want to be far away from any neighbors? Having all of that information written down for your agent, including anything that you could consider to be a deal-breaker, will make his or her job a lot easier.

Don't Rush It

Unless you are absolutely under a tight timeline, you do not want to rush the home buying process. Once you are ready to start shopping for a new home, you will want to think about what your expectations are and make sure that you are asking the agent any questions that you have. If you are a first-time buyer, you may want to ask about the closing process or any down payment assistance the agent might be able to get you set up with. For example, some agents are able to get the sellers to help cover some or all of the down payment or closing costs.

It is also a good idea to listen to the advice given by the real estate agent that you decide to work with. They have probably been in the business for a while and they could help you avoid a disaster.

For further tips, reach out to a local real estate agent that can help you find homes for sale.


25 August 2020