Have Your Real Estate Agent Stand Firm On These Negotiation Tactics From Buyers


When you've listed your house for sale and you start to receive offers, it's time for your real estate agent to really shine. As a skilled and experienced negotiator, a real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf with the buyer agents who are representing the various buyers who are interested in your home. Often, prospective buyers may request that their agents use diverse tactics in an attempt to force the seller's hand.

28 February 2017

Three Benefits Of Shopping For A New Construction Home


As you begin your search for a new home, you may want to consider the many benefits of shopping for new construction homes. Aside from the obvious benefit of having a home no one has ever lived in before, there are many other great reasons to consider this option. Use this guide, along with the help of your real estate agent, to determine if a new construction home is right for you.

22 February 2017

What A Real Estate Broker Can Do To Sell Your House


Selling a house is the kind of process that can bring satisfactory results in no time, or you can end up never finding a buyer. You will have to make sure your house is in a condition in which potential buyers can imagine themselves living in it. The right kind of marketing must also be done to let people know that it is up for sale. The smartest thing that you can do to get through the selling process is to hire a real estate broker for help.

18 January 2017

Budgeting For Your First Home


Think about your dream home. What do you imagine? A decked out kitchen? A giant garden tub? A workshop off the garage? Now think about which one of those things you could live without. The truth is that your first home purchase is going to be stressful and you may not find exactly what you are looking for as a turnkey property. Much of the stress comes from the financial responsibility required of a homeowner.

3 January 2017

Leave A Questionnaire With These Questions At Your Next Open House


Although you aren't physically present when your listing agent organizes an open house to generate interest in your property, that doesn't mean that you can't get some feedback from those who attend. Some homeowners who are eager to sell will put together small questionnaires that people can fill out upon viewing the home. If your agent politely asks people to consider filling out a questionnaire before leaving the open house, you may be able to develop some worthwhile feedback that you can take into account moving forward.

29 December 2016

Things To Find Out From A Real Estate Agent Before You Buy A Rental Property


When you're thinking about buying a rental property, you're smart to start your search by hiring a local real estate agent. The assistance of this professional will help you find the right property that you'll be able to turn into a lucrative investment. Before your agent can start pulling up real estate listings for you to consider, the two of you will need to have a conversation about what you're looking to get out of renting out a house.

22 December 2016

Contractors To Develop A Relationship With When You Begin Work In Property Management


When you accept a position as property manager for a residential property, regardless of the number of units you're overseeing, you'll find that aligning yourself with the right team of professionals will save you countless headaches. It's a good idea to connect with people in the trades and other residential property managers to get some recommendations about ideal contractors and professionals on whom you'll be able to rely. This way, you can build a network of people who can help you by promptly dealing with any issues related to your property.

22 December 2016

Decide How to Proceed with Your Chattels Before You List Your Home for Sale


Upon hiring a real-estate agent to help you put your house on the market, you'll become acquainted with the term "chattels." If this isn't a word that you've previously had in your vocabulary, you should know that in real-estate terminology it essentially refers to the items that could be included in the sale of your home or excluded. In other words, chattels are things that you're okay with leaving behind or things that you want to take with you when you sell.

1 December 2016

Leasing New Office Space? Two Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal


Whether you're just starting your business and need to find a building to operate out of, or you've had your company for some time and are expanding, it's important to get a good deal when you're leasing office space.  You want your money to go as far as possible so you can get the most bang for your buck.  However, you may not quite know how to go about the process of getting the best rental rate on office space.

25 October 2016

Use A Multi-Layer Approach To Increase Your Sales As A New Real Estate Agent


If you are a new real estate agent who is just starting out, it can be frustrating going through all of the work it takes to break into the market and start actually selling homes. If you want to actually make sales as a real estate agent, you need to utilize a multi-layer approach to building your sales. #1 Find A Mentor The first thing you need to do is find a real estate agent in the area who is willing to be your mentor.

29 September 2016